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Wings Of White offers a variety of services for all different occasions.

Our Wedding Releases will be arranged so the photographer will best be able record the exciting moment on film. A Wedding Release is perfect for weddings in that it symbolizes a peaceful union of two people who will forever be loyal, devoted and respectful of each other - just like doves are. A White Dove Release is a beautiful way to add a touch of symbolism to any wedding. Often times, during an outdoor ceremony, couples will forego a Unity Candle for a White Dove Release. Most couples who do this, realize that a White Dove Release is much more symbolic than the Unity Candle and much more beautiful.

White Dove Releases are suitable for many Special Occasions. Some of which include Grand Openings, Graduations, Sporting Events, Birthday Parties, and Anniversary Parties, just to name a few.

Memorial Releases offer family and friends the opportunity to physically "let go" of their loved one and watch their soul fly home. Many comment what a peaceful feeling this gives them afterwards.

Regardless of the release you require for your event, a White Dove Release offers the symbolic significance essential to commemorate all special occasions.
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