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Weddings are full of centuries-old symbols and vows. Many do not understand the symbolic importance of a White Dove Release. White Doves have been a symbol of peace worldwide for centuries upon centuries! Even today, during these times of political unrest, people throughout the world are releasing White Doves, in hopes that they will bring peace to their country and lives. White Doves not only symbolize peace - they are mates for life. Releasing these beautiful pure White Doves in a wedding is a physical promise (you will have photos of this promise forever) to each other promising a peaceful marriage that you will be faithful "until death do us part," as are Doves. The white color of the Doves symbolizes purity - that both Bride and Groom are pure to each other - they are honest and open, beginning their lives as one "from this day forward." The Doves flying home together, symbolizes the couple starting off on their journey to start a home of their own. Some cultures believe if a Bride and Groom see a White Dove on their wedding day it is a symbol of good luck and good fortune that will last throughout their marriage. These are just a few of the symbols the White Dove represents.

Wedding Packages

Ceremonial Two
After the ceremony (if indoors) or anytime during the outdoor ceremony, you will be given a lovely white heart-shaped basket with two white doves to release after a special poem is read (if you choose). Once released, they will fly home together as a pair. Also included is a free silver photo bracelet. Perfect gifts for your bridesmaids.

Ceremonial Two plus Twelve
This package is the same as the Ceremonial Two, but after the couple release their doves, twelve doves are released. Spectacular show!
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