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Dove Release Tips for your Wedding

1. After you have reserved your white dove release, write down the way you envision your dove release. Give a copy of this to your dove release company. A White Dove Release can be very flexible! They should do everything they can to make it come as close to your dreams as possible.

2. Choose a beautiful poem to read before your dove release. Either have your officiant read it or choose a close friend or family member. This will make it extra special.

3. Make sure your officiant knows you will be having a dove release and give a copy of the poem to whomever will be reading it. This will help your guests understand the beautiful symbolism the White Dove Release represents to you and your spouse - the promise of a peaceful marriage, everlasting love and devotion, two people going home to begin their life as a couple.

4. Make sure your photographer knows you will be having a dove release before the day of your wedding. Do some research on the Internet under "dove releases" to see all the different styles of dove release photos - send the links of these photographs to your photographer. Show him or her your favorite photos. This will help in capturing the perfect photos of your spectacular event!!

5. It all boils down to open communication to get exactly what you want!
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