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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the doves after they're released?
Basically, they circle a few times and then fly home.

How do they know how to get home?
No one knows for sure, but training and being physically fit play a large part in their "homing" instinct.

Can I buy doves from a pet shop and release them myself?
No. The only birds that should be used to perform releases are "Rock Doves" commonly known as "Homing Pigeons". These birds are specifically trained to perform releases and then to return to their home. These birds can not be bought in a pet shop.

How are the doves trained to fly home?
We breed, raise and train our own doves. We begin when they are just a few weeks old and homing training starts at approximately 3 months. We start with small distances and build up to longer flights. When trained and fit, our doves can fly hundreds of miles, although they rarely fly 50 in a day.

Will you ship me birds so I can release them myself?
No. To insure the safety of our birds we will never ship doves for a release.

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